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Priceniche deals in five categories of products and services under three divisions as follows:


1. Priceniche specialises in the trading and marketing of:

  • Cellphones and cellphone accessories.
  • Smart Watches and tablets.
  • Data presentation, capturing and monitoring devices that include digital voice recorders, bluetooth speakers and microphones, .
  • Digital learning devices that include multi-touch screen whiteboards and projectors  

Capital Project Management 

2. Priceniche Capital carries out and markets a wide range of capital projects which include:  

  • Production and Leasing of Data Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation web and mobile applications
  • Capital projects management
  • Advising and or Partnering investors in capital projects.
  • Commercial printing and online publications of developments in economics, finance and business
  • Organizing conferences, events management and investment facilitation.
  • Production of digital learning videos, PPTs, online lectures and seminarial work . 


3. Priceniche Research provides a wide range of research services which include the following:  

  • Data Analysis Courses and Seminars.
  • Data analytics and project planning
  • Market research, client satisfaction surveys, competitor analysis
  • Sector specific surveys in Labour Economics, Social Protection, Health Economics, Financial Inclussion, Cross border trading and Gender.
  • Impact assessments and problem analysis
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Feasibility Studies, baseline surveys, quantity surveying and environmental impact assessment (EIA).
  • Publishing and production of analyses, commentaries, research findings and new inventions.
  • Training in leadership and management.
  • Training in research methods and data analysis tools and softwares such as E-Views, Stata, Mailchimp, SPSS and Advanced Excel.
  • Commissioning, managing and commercializing research.